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6a 23-6779:05 AM - PUBLIC HEARING - Consideration of proposed Major Use Permit (UP 22-28) and Initial Study (IS 22-34) to establish a campground; Applicant: Getaway House LLC. Location: 18300 Morgan Valley Road, Lower Lake (APNs: 012-008-09, 42, 43, 44, 45, 52, 53)

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    Bobby Dutcher 10 months ago

    I was given a tour of this site on June 20. My biggest concern was fire protection, like most Lake County residents I have a bit of PTSD with fires. Utilities there are underground, there are good access roads, and the property has storage tanks plus a large pond/small lake in case of emergency. I did notice that the current owner is not doing any fuel management, so this should greatly improve as the project manages the fuel loading around the cabins. Alternative uses for a property of this size and zoning are usually cannabis farming, vineyards, or being subdivided into smaller parcels. A camping destination seems to be far less impactful than these. The opposition letters all read like the usual NIMBY complaints and there was no information brought forth to warrant ignoring staffs recommendation to approve this Use Permit. This will improve tourism to our beautiful County, supply badly needed TOT taxes, and actually reduce fire hazards. Thank you for your time.