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    Nancy Ruzicka almost 3 years ago

    State, federal and local economic development funds were used to build the access road designed by my late husband Clifford Ruzicka, RCE to high standards. Aero Acres, Inc. paid for undergrounding of electrical to retain Work Right Shower Doors that wanted to leave old packing sheds in Finley and move to the Napa airport. We sold the property to Work Right for $1.50 and 125 jobs were retained or created.
    The Stein family retired and they sold their company. The new owners moved the operation to Kansas and 125 locals lost their jobs, and our Lake County economy lost the infusion of those paychecks.
    With the Pro Canna Farms processing facility, the jobs are back. I’ve toured the facility and there is no apparent adverse impact upon our adjoining property.
    The employees working there wear uniforms resembling hospital technicians. There is good site security.
    I’m convinced that Pro Farms will continue to be good neighbors and employers of Lake County residents.
    Nancy Ruzicka
    Aero Acres

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    Joseph Cooper almost 3 years ago

    Good morning board and community members,

    My name is Joseph Cooper. I am a property owner and resident of the district where this project is proposed. Thank you for receiving my comment in support of the project. Beyond jobs directly associated with the processing facility, it also engages local businesses and professionals who in return support and benefit the entire community. For example, employer provided heal insurance bolsters our health care infrastructure. This project has engaged Architects, Engineers, Attorneys Consultants and Contractors strengthening the local business environment. Additionally, the processing facility provides a service that is otherwise lacking in Lake County. Local processing can support more full time jobs and add to the local economy. It is my opinion that this is a good project for the community and we may receive many indirect benefits from it's approval.

    Thank you and have an nice day,


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    Wendi Campbell about 3 years ago